About Us

The Welcome Centre is not just to give the client a break, but to  provide a stimulating environment, a change of scene, opportunities to socialise, exercise their bodies and minds in a safe environment and enjoy a nutritious midday meal. Perhaps, just as importantly, the new centre will allow  a break for their carers. Currently clients' fees are  paid by Social Services,  or privately.

The Welcome Centre  not only provides all the above, but also promotes a social therapeutic model, by which the clients will be given the opportunity to access the community and be part of it.

The Welcome Centre places a strong emphasis on bringing the generations together, by encouraging play groups, schools and students to join in with the clients' activities and exchange experiences through intergenerational projects.

At The Welcome Centre 

-everybody feels welcome, equal and valued as an individual

-cognitive, emotional and social stimulation is on offer

-the carers feel happy and relaxed about leaving their loved ones

-there is a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, led in a professional way

-each client receives a  person centred approach

-respect and self-esteem are promoted

-independence is encouraged and well-being promoted

-a strong emphasis is put on recruiting and training a team of volunteers and paid staff.

At The Welcome Centre our aims are in line  with the Government’s objectives for promoting health and well-being in  old age.

At The Welcome Centre we aim-

- to promote high levels of physical activity in the older population.

- to reduce barriers to increased levels of physical activity, mental well-being and social     engagement among excluded groups of older people.

- to continue to increase uptake of evidence based disease prevention programmes among older people .

- to maintain mental and emotional well-being, just as much as physical health and fitness.

- to reduce the frequency of anxiety attacks, depression and recognise the widespread misery that can occur as a consequence which does not reach the threshold for clinical diagnosis, but nevertheless, reduces the quality of life of thousands of people.

We believe that by helping people in these situations it will help them to lead happier, more productive and more fulfilled lives.

Clients' comments:

“Without a place like this I would be alone from 8.15 until 6.00. This will lead to a mental deterioration as well as physical. Here ( at the Day Centre ) I can have some mental stimulation as well as physical exercises. I appreciate the company of the other clients as well as the staff’s and volunteers’. Everybody has different skills and different talents . Having somebody to visit me at home would not be the same. It would be no variety, no change.”

“I have been at home for two years following an operation. Being at home for so long I became depressed. Following my doctor’s advice I now attend the day centre and I feel that helped with my depression. Although I have people coming to visit at home this is not enough. I need the social interaction, it is important for me to see a group of people. A place like this ( day centre ) also offers mental stimulation. "

"I think that being mentally healthy is more than just having medical treatment it is about quality of life." [Respondent to independence, wellbeing and choice.]

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