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Our philosophy:

The Welcome Centre Exmouth is a special place, because it was born out of the commitment, passion and dedication of the staff and volunteers.

A new company ( a Social Enterprise - Community Interest Company ) was created - The Welcome Centre.

A Community Interest Company provides services for the community for which it charges, but all the profits are re-invested in the company for the benefit of the community.

The Welcome Centre currently has two paid members of staff, the well-qualified and experienced manager and a cook and a team of unpaid volunteers.

The Welcome Centre is based at Morgan Court Community Centre in Exmouth and is currently open three days a week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) offering activities, social opportunities, freshly cooked lunches and respite care.

Our centre is for lonely elderly people - people who are socially isolated, people with dementia and other long term conditions, such as learning and physical disabilities, Parkinson's Disease or strokes.

We aim to break the stereotype that sometimes is associated with the concept of a Day Centre - that of a place where people sit down in a circle drinking cups of tea. We want to be more creative and innovative in our vision.

One of our main strategies are to encourage intergenerational interaction - because we not only believe in the therapeutic effect that children and young people have on the older generation, but also in the beneficial effect of such an interaction on the children . This is particularly important for the children whose families may be affected by dementia.

We also use forms of Art Therapy (such as   painting, craftwork and flower arranging), Pet Therapy and Indoor gardening .We encourage singing and the enjoyment of music and have readers from the library service telling stories.

We encourage physical activity (keep fit and Tai chi) and mental stimulation with quizzes and number and word games.

Another important aspect of our service provision, is getting out into the community with visits to different places.

But most of all we aim to have a holistic approach and use a person-centred activity programme! That is why we take time to get to know all of our clients and their carers.

We are very proud to say that we have a very strong team of staff and volunteers and we are like a family where everybody knows each other and respects each other for who and what they are.

That is why we are THE WELCOME CENTRE !

For more information please contact Angela Boatwright( Centre Manager ) at

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